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In 1988 an old barn was donated, torn down, and reassembled on the museum grounds. Many new parts had to be added as the barn was old and in very bad shape. It has three floors and contains old farm equipment, mostly horse drawn. One of the main attractions in the barn is a hand carved, life sized mule with harness on it. This was carved by one of our former board members, Les Hunt.

The town of Henderson, Iowa, abandoned their jail and was going to bulldoze it in. The people of the town tore it apart brick by brick. It was rebuilt on the museum grounds with funds from Otha Wearin. It was added to the museum complex in 1989.

In 1994 the museum was given an outhouse to go with the country school. It is not usable so the doorway was sealed and covered with plexiglass so the inside could be be observed. The catalog on the bench fascinates the children who visit as catalogs were originally used for toilet paper.

The Country School on the property was built about two miles north of Glenwood in 1881 and used in that location until country schools closed in early 1960’s. In 1963 the building was moved to the museum complex. It contains desks, books, artifacts used in country one-room schoolhouses.
Since the museum complex was built on a hillside, the school building had to have a basement. It is storage at present.

In 1987 a Burlington Northern Caboose was moved in. It contains railroad memorabilia. Outside lighting between the buildings, has been installed so tours can be taken at night.

In 1967 the Machinery Hall was constructed on the complex with 100 x 60 foot floor space. In 2005 another 100 foot was added making it 200 x 60 foot of floor space. The biggest attractions here are the old trucks, cars and tractors. Three kitchens of different eras have been set up.  Kiamans Grocery has been replicated.  The building is insulted and heatd.  This building also contains a modern kitchen and restrooms.