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Established in 1959, the Mills County Historical Museum is located on the edge of Glenwood Lake Park and has several collections and artifacts of interest to people of all ages.

Featuring many exhibits, from Chief Waubaunsee artifacts to examples of early quilting to a recreation of an old country store, the museum offers many enjoyable hours of browsing discovering the history of Southwestern Iowa. 


Promote understanding of and respect for the history of the peoples and cultures of Mills County through education, stewardship of collections, and public outreach.


No county museum would be complete without a room filled with specialty shops of yesteryear.  The drug store, the camera collection, the beauty shop, barber shop, physician office and toy case are perfect for an afternoon's browsing in the past.  An antique anesthesia machine, an early electric permanent curling machine and a stone morter and pestle are only a few of the items in this area.


The country store exhibit is reminiscent of an early 1900's store in Mills county, featuring many of the same items bought in that time period.  Along with dry goods and materials, many stores of the period had 'ready made' clothes and shoes.  Also found in many country stores of the period, as in this one, are the post office and telephone switchboard.  Before switchboards, the general store may have had the only telephone in the town. 

From corsets to hatpins to wedding attire, the general store brings back memories of ladies in high collar dresses, and men in suits and hats.  There is a collection of ladies' hats, as well as a display of all the materials needed to fashion a new dress. 

From a 45 pound tin of Cudahey shortening to a 10 pound can of Karo syrup, the general store displays a nice assortment of items typically used in households in an era gone by.


A collection of baby shoes, tiny dresses and baptismal gowns, are the highlight of this room.  A cradle, built in 1879, fills the center of the room, and the back wall is adorned with baby bonnets and dresses.


From 4-H uniforms to project books, this room is filled with Glenwood memories.  Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cheerleaders have donated their outfits, projects and books to make this room an interesting visit.